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Shot on OnePlus Nord || Interiors of a 4BHK flat in Necklace Pride - Hyderabad

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Completely shot and edited in OnePlus Nord.

There were many negative talks on the OnePlus Nord camera quality at the time of release. But, when I started using the camera, I was amazed to see the results. I'm not a professional photographer or videographer, but I gained a lot of interest after looking at the results. So, I've started shooting professionally(after a lot of trial and error) and the outcomes were amazing I felt. This video is one of my projects where I shot the complete video with OnePlus Nord without the help of a Gimble or any tripod because the stabilization of this mobile is amazing and does the job well. I thank Mr. Pardhu for giving me this chance to shoot his beautiful work in this 4BHK flat and if you have liked his work then please contact him on the below number for more details.

Please do watch the video of the interiors done by "Pardhu Interiors" and kindly like, share and subscribe.

My name is Abhijit Vishnubhotla and for any video collaborations in and around London, please contact me on +44 07824071596.

Hyderabad: Abhignan - +91 7416475017

Pardhu Interiors: +91 9848057618

Pardhu Interiors Facebook Page:

Camera: OnePlus Nord Camera

Videography and editing: Abhijit Vishnubhotla(+44 07824071596)

Editing tool: Inshot

Music Credits: Inshot

Location: Necklace Pride(Salarpuria Sattva), Gandhinagar, Hyderabad.

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